Sunday, December 02, 2012

Great Idea

I attended a craft fair a few weekends ago and came across a gorgeous little garden attraction.

Ok before I talk about that, I know our garden looks like a rain baren desert! It is a work in progress at present, at least it is looking flat. We are in the process of leveling so hopefully we can sew grass seed in the next week or two. Will keep you posted on that progress.

Now on with the main reason for the post!
The above picture is of a bird feeder, made from a cup and saucer/bowl.

They are screwed and glued into the top of the green pole and then you place in garden and watch the birds happily eating or even bathing in the saucer part if water is placed there!

The boys are able to fill with bird seed and the cats are unable to get the birds!
The birds are loving their new treat, hopefully when we do sew the seed they will leave it alone in favor of the tasty treats in the cups? Here's hoping?

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Bron said...

Fantastic idea....I have just made candles with the cups and saucers I have just sourced...but will keep this on our to do list. xx