Thursday, December 06, 2012

Tooth Fairy

Alex is 7, in fact he turned 71/2 this week, and desperate to have some wobbly teeth.

In October we finally saw it happen. His first baby tooth started to wibble wobble.
However sadly a few weeks later he informed me that "hey mummy, did you know my new tooth is already coming through?"
So to avoid complications of tooth retention and have crooked front teeth we whipped him off to the dentist who kindly removed the offending over staying little tooth.

She mumbled at the time that there may be a high chance of it reoccurring with the other bottom front tooth, but as it was not wobbly at the time, she was loathed to remove it too!

He has gained 2 more wobbly teeth since that time, 1 on the top and 1 on the bottom.
On Monday I came home from a night out to be informed that "Hey mummy do you know my new tooth is coming through already!"
Just what the dentist suspected, another retained tooth.

Today he happily, he seemed happy about it, skipped off to the dental service and had the other bottom front tooth removed.

He had to have another injection to numb his teeth and he was so good about it. Not a flinch from him, mummy even got to assist with the suction, although the dentist said I was not a very good assistant as I kept kissing the patient! Apparently that is not allowed!!

So after tonight 2 teeth will have been collected by the Tooth Fairy and none of them have fallen out on their own. Let's hope the top wobbly one gets itself sorted and falls out naturally!


Abi said...

Oh dear, poor little man, He is smiling so much more than I would have been in that situation! ha ha! x

Bron said...

This is exactly the same story with my 7 1/2 year son....except the dentist left the first tooth to fall out and we are still waiting for the second to fall just meant he didn't have any cute gaps.