Thursday, August 08, 2013

Hair Styles

I like to think I am an open mother, allowing my boys the ability to try things that they want that I may not want so much?
When they both commented on having a rats tail at the back of their hair a few years ago then I couldn't see the problem, pretty much like when Alex asked for his hair to be shaved the last time it got cut, no harm there, would look short for a while but at least he can't say I didn't let them do what they wanted.
Point to self..........never let Alex get hair shaved again, it looked horrible and even his father thought so too!

Back to their hair.....these rats tails have been there for a few years now, luckily they have never complained at how theirs never seemed to get too long, like others they had seen. This may have something to do with

  1. they can't see them
  2. mummy was known to cut them at night without then knowing!
People always asked why they had them and how long they were keeping them for?
Ben finally answered that he was competing in an International Judo Tournament soon and that he would finally cut his then as his opponent could grab it during a hold down and use it to his advantage!

One evening not long ago we went out to my cousin's for his birthday tea and whilst there my uncle asked when it was being cut? Ben answered 'maybe next week' and suddenly my uncle was offering him $12 if HE (my uncle) could cut it now!
Ben was a little taken back but once he understood the idea he seemed to warm up to it slightly.
However then my cousin joined in an up'd the anti to $14. This went back and forth until such time as there was $17 in the pot, however my uncle put a time limit on this auction and Ben had to make a decision in a short period of time.

He didn't!

My uncle though agreed to start the auction one final time however he added a twist and said he would offer $12 if Alex would have his done too?
My cousin then up'd it to $14 and I joined in and told my uncle I would add $5 to his $12 and he could still have the pleasure of cutting the tails off? To me paying $5 to finally have them gone seemed reasonable enough.
My uncle then auctioned off the pleasure of cutting Alex's hair and so it ended with my cousin offering to pay my uncle $5 to cut Alex's.


It got very confusing at one point as to how much was in the pot and who was doing what?
But eventually it ended with my uncle cutting Ben's hair and my cousin cutting Alex's hair and the boys both walking away with $10 (which sadly they both owed us because they currently are in debt to us!)


Unfortunately we couldn't find really great scissors, so they were cut off using some simple kitchen scissors!! Which in turn added to the excitement of the moment.
It did mean that Alex walked away with a little bald spot on the left of his head, but hey it is at the back, he can't see it and no one else seems to comment!
It will grow back after all.

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Patty Antle said...

How funny that you got your wish in both the hair cuts and getting your money they owed. I remember when our son wanted to pierce one ear with a diamond-like stud. We let him and one day about 6 months later I noticed he wasn't wearing it anymore. He had to experience it for himself. Kids are wonderful. He's 30 years old now.