Friday, April 18, 2008

Hamilton V8 400

So the day has arrived for the whole of New Zealand to decend upon Hamilton for 3 days of fast, furious boys adrenaline rush racing.
The V8 Supercars and many other fast cars are here for the street racing.
Many city's within NZ thought about putting forward a bid to host this phenonemen (?) but Hamilton came out on top and have secured the privilige for the next 7 years!

Are we going? No
Why not I hear you say?........
Well in fact I would love to go and see the races etc, but unless something is happening constantly then I think the boys will loose interest very quickly, they won't want to sit still waiting for the cars to go past between races and it would bug me the whole time not being able to see what I want to see because they want to go somewhere else or even home for that matter!
If I had no kids and was not at work today then yes, I would wander down, get a ticket for the day and experience it with everyone else, 1) to be able to say I was there at the first Hamilton 400 and 2) because it would be fun.

But seeing as they have secured the right to host this for the next 7 years and seeing as how the boys are only 3 & 5, then give it a year or 2 and I am sure we will be wandering down all too soon.

Tickets are not even as expensive as I imagined. You can get a 3 day pass to certain grandstands for anything from $120 to $165 per person, under 12's or maybe under 15's are free, so father and son could go for 3 days and it is not expensive.
I was expecting the tickets to be $120 per day. I mean to go to the theatre and see a good show costs about $89 - $109 so I was quite shocked to learn how cheap it was. Good on them for keeping it at a price that everyone can enjoy it with.

So if you are into fast cars and motorsport then this is the place to be this weekend or planning to be in the years to come.

I am sure in a year or 2 my dad will come over with my brother and his 2 boys from Rotorua (1 hours drive away) for the weekend and all the boys will be gone for 3 days down town to see the fast cars. I am looking forward to that day.

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