Friday, April 18, 2008

Moving and Mould!

Yes that is right I have said mould in the title.
Turns out I discovered a bucket in the garage today with a lid on, that I had planned to have in the bathroom for wet cloths that need to go out to the laundry, which is in the garage btw, and I opened it to discover a pair of jeans and a shirt of Ben's in there!

Thing is they were in the laundry in the old house and in the move the lid got put on and the bucket got placed in the garage, I consequently forgot all about it and 2 weeks later I have discovered these mould stained clothes!

I have rinsed them in very hot water and am soaking them in hot soapy water but have resigned myself to the fact that they will get thrown out as I don't think I will get rid of the mould stain on them!

Oh well the joys of moving house.

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