Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Ben unfortunately learnt the consequence of his actions yesterday.

I was just serving dinner and so called to them all to come to the table. Steve was outside so I went into the living room to inform the boys again.
All I found was Alex sitting quietly watching something but no Ben.
So I checked all rooms in the house, both bathrooms as well and still no Ben.
I checked with Steve if he was outside? Nothing!
BUT we both knew where he was......next door at the neighbours house.
So off I marched and knocked on Tracey's door. Out popped Ben who got the shock of his little life when I scolded him for going off with out asking or telling us.
You should have seen his little face as he walked back to our house, head bowed in near tears (man I am a cruel mother!)

Anyway we talked through with him about what he had done wrong and why etc.
We then told him that he would have to have a punishment as this was a very naughty thing.
So we decided that he would go to bed without a story (he loves having a story at bedtime)

He was so good at bedtime, he got in the shower, put his pyjamas on, brushed his teeth and then climbed into bed to read a book on his own whilst Alex had a story out with us.
When I took Alex in I talked to Ben about why he was here and I am not sure it had really sunk in..
He said that if he does something wrong he has to say sorry and has to tell us if he wants to go to Tracey's house. Which is all correct, he just didn't realise why he was in bed without a story.

So even though we followed through with a consequence for your actions, he has no idea what happened, but I guess you have to start somewhere.

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