Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wedding Dresses

So I am stood there in this gorgeous wedding dress (not the one in the picture), Westlife is playing on the shop stereo quietly, the ladies from the shop are saying something, Wendy my best friend is saying something and I just stood there and cried.
So up came Wendy to give me a hug and cry with me and the ladies grabbed their conveniently placed box of tissues, commenting on how Sherly always manages to make her brides to be cry!

I know why I was crying...I had waited so long for this and I would have loved my mum to be there for my first ever dress search.
What started it off I have no idea I don't remember know, but wow what a morning.

I felt like a maniquin by the end of it, one dress on, strut round, comment and then change to another.
I must have tried on about 8 dresses in total.
The result was that I found the top of one dress I really liked and the skirt of another!

So now I have to try to explain all this to the dress maker next week and see if she can reproduce the whole effect!

The shop I went to have a gallery on-line, but of course the 2 I like are either not on there or such a crap picture of the dress you really can't tell anything from it. So will have to see what I can do about getting a picture of both dresses.


breadmoretravels said...

Oh! how I would have loved to have been there, instead of here in tears also....but one has to be practical...I am living in Dubai and the odd day or two trip home to New Zealand is an impossibilty.
But we are thinking of you and need all the news daily.
Love and hugs Mum xoxo

Kent and Leisy said...

I am so excited for you! keep posting updates on all of the wedding plans/pictures!!!