Thursday, November 13, 2008


Alex spent yesterday having ups and downs. One minute he was the happiest little boy around and then he would crumble and become a monster.

We had Jumping Beans in the morning and just as we were leaving home to go, he raced upstairs and arrived back down with 2 Barneys and yellow teddy. Turns out he had remembered that it was Teddy Bear Picnic Day at Jumping Beans! I was amazed, I had forgotten until he appeared with his toys. I was quite shocked that he remembered.

Although 3/4 of the way through Jumping Beans he suddenly decided that he ahd had enough, he was miserable and promptly got stroppy. I asked him if he wanted to go home and he promptly said yes, got his stuff together and walked out! He was not in a good mood.

When we had finished lunch I explained that I needed to make some cookies for a meeting I was hosting that night. Next thing I heard was this noise in the kitchen. I thought maybe he was gettign stuff together to make a sandwich. Suddenly he arrived at the door to inform me that he had been 'Cleaning!' and could I please help him put the toast machine away.
When I got into the kitchen, everythin g that was on the bench was now gone!
I found the left over apple core in the pantry, the jam and butter was back in the fridge and the knives were in the sink. I couldn't however find the dirty chopping board? Opened a few cupboards but nothing came to light. However later when makign the cookies I mentioned something about rolling them out and placing them on a board, with this he promptly opened one of the draws where we keep the utensils and aksed if this was the board I wanted? Yes you guessed it, the dirty board I couldn't find.
He had me in stitches as I told him he was so cute and adorable.

But then later in the day Ben had a swimming lesson and by the time we left I was ready to sell both of them!

The joys of parenting. One minute you are up and the next down.
Guess it keeps life amusing

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