Saturday, November 08, 2008

Our Turn

Today is election day in New Zealand.
Time for us to choose who we want as Prime Minister for the next 3 years.

Not quite as dramatic as the US elections, but could be very significant for NZ over the next year.

As mentioned the other day, we have had the same Prime Minister in office now for 3 terms (9yrs) do NZ feel it is time for a change? Do they feel there is still something left in the old lady?

Time will tell, should know sometime later tonight...

Me, I am not into politics in any shape or form. I never really know who to vote for. It can all get very confusing at times and I can totally understand why some people just stay away and hide under the covers until it is all over. The tv and radio ads seem to go on forever and some of them gets sillier the closer we get to election day. Tv will go back to being reasonable now as no more ads are allowed! Yea..

Never fear, I did vote, but sometimes I feel it is a case of eeny meeny miny moo and tick where ever the pen lands.

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