Thursday, November 27, 2008

What Gives?

This coming Sunday is the Santa Parade up in Auckland.
Now I can hear you asking why I care when I live in Hamilton? Bit like living in Columbus, Ohio and caring about Detroit's Parade.

Well, on the radio yesterday I heard that a court case had been bought about against the organisers of the Santa Parade by the religious group Falun Gong.
They had been declined the right to have a part in the Parade and they felt it was worth taking it to the court and to get an injunction against the parade.

The parade has its rules set out clearly, so they have their line where they draw to stop the already huge parade getting out of hand. This parade is organised over 12 months, as soon as this year is over they will already be planning for next year. They actually employe people to maintain the costumes etc throughout the year. This is not you local casual parade thrown together by a volunteer organisation in the last 3 months leading up to it!

Today the judge awarded it to the parade, saying that they had done everything legally when declining the group access to the parade.

I ask this what life has come to?
We can't get into what we want so we sue, or go to court?

I just can not believe that this even had to go to court, just to be part of a Santa Parade!

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