Saturday, November 15, 2008

What Do I Want?

It is my birthday on Tuesday.
Steve is aware, but suddenly asked again today...'when is your birthday?'
Oh yea...'what do you want?'

Sad thing is, I can't think of anything I actually want. There are things I would like, but they are either too expensive or things that I don't actually need but could quite happily buy just because!
We stopped off to get ice cream this afternoon after having been to the garden centre shop. Steve suddenly said, lets look in K-Mart, they might have that hotplate we have been looking for?
Well worth a try seeing as we can't find one anywhere.

Turns out they don't have hotplates but they did have a 120L bar fridge that is the perfect size for our caravan and at only $150 brand new it was too good to pass up the ever resourceful person that I am said 'but I have always wanted a fridge for my birthday!'
Steve just looked at me and laughed, ok so I did then convince him of why it was just what we needed and we brought it anyway, as for my birthday, well I will just wait and see for Tuesday.....

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