Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Boys Toys

This evening, our local Placemakers had a Ladies Night.
Yep that is right, you could go along and play with tools and learn some basic things.
I registered for it, but wasn't sure if I was in the mood for it......turns out it was the best thing I did.
I made a christmas ornamant, a coaster, won a box of 20 pegs on the hanging washing game and even managed to bang a nail into a piece of wood in 4 bangs!

The nail banging game was another competition, where the person who banged the nail in in the least amount of hits won a prize. Well I got 5, which was the lead and then another lady got 4, so I then kept trying until I got 4 too.
Then we had to have a 'nail off"! The fastest one to hit in 5 nails won the prize.
It was a fast and furious game and I was the runner up...the other lady beat me fair and square.
She won the 9 piece pink tool kit.
The manager of the store had given me tips throughout the evening on how to use a hammer, thus the reason I got a 4.
I found him after the game and said that I had lost, but gained a bruised finger where I did actually hit my hand with the hammer, he laughed and said good try.

Although about 10 minutes later he came and found me and gave me a 9 Piece Pink Tool Kit, he said as a runner up prize, but hey I fought hard for that tool kit.
So now I have my own tool kit in a bag (comes with its own carry bag) and I will take a picture and post it later so you can see what I got.

Only thing is though, Steve was kinda hoping I would learn how to paint on this evening, because painting is not my strong point, but unfortunately I still don't know the correct techniques for painting and we have a lot to do around this house!!

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Kent and Leisy said...

that sounds like a lot of fun! I would have loved to be in those contests with you all! congrats on the runner up tool kit!!