Friday, November 28, 2008

Book Review

Mum left some books at my house that she had finished with and thought I might like to read them.
One she left was 'Wife in The North' by Judith O'Reilly

This is written in a diary form, just like 'Bridget Jone's Diary' was, and it is about herself and her three children and their life in Northumberland, the place her husband wanted the family to live. Only thing being is that her husband still goes to London regularly for business so she is in fact more or less living up north on her own!
Some of the entries are funny and all mother's can recognise and understand what she is writing about, although for me, that is where it ends.

I am finding it very difficult to read and in fact am finding it boring! I am slowly perservering because I wanted to see how it ends, does her husband finally give up his London job to concentrate on living up north properly? Does she leave her husband? Those sort of questions....

Unfortunately, in one of the entries, she tells you about her blog she keeps, now I wasn't sure if this was a fictional blog or what because this was a fictional book for all I knew, so I had a quick turn to the back cover and realise that in fact the blog is real and to make matters worse this whole book is just her blog made in to a book!
I went and checked out her blog and realised that the book will never end, there will be no answers to my questions because if I feel like it I can continue reading the blog and it will be like the book never ends.

So know I have decided that I do not need to read anymore of the book. I didn't enjoy what I had read so far, so the book can be passed on to the next person...who ever that may be?

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Laurie from Rotorua said...

So why do you think I left it with you, you summed up the book so well, fancy it being her blog.
I also had a few doubts when trying to read it luv Mum