Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Do you ever go through a faze where things are all below the line, you have no enthusiasm for things and you feel totally overwhelmed?

That is me at the moment.
Life is good, I have just got married, Ben is very happy at school and the summer is coming, but other than that life is in a slump!
I need to tidy the house, but can't see a window to do it until Saturday. There seems to always be something else more important to do in any of my free time at the moment and I am beginning to feel totally swamped.

Work is not great, I am on my 3rd day of the project, which is going ok and will be interesting for the next 12 weeks, but I am not sure what I will be doing when it ends as I do not want to go back to what I was doing before, and I think this is effecting everything at present.
I didn't realise how much my part time job did effect me until you are feeling negative about it and then everything is effected.

I volunteer for a Not for Profit Organisation, which I am very passionate about, but at present I feel that it is taking over everything, so am backing down from some of this as it is overwhelming me. Things are still getiing achieved but I feel my family are suffering because of this. But then my committee have noticed a change in me, so something has to give.

I also seem to have to stopped coming up with posts for my blog, so I know things are not good. I have posted about 11 posts in November and usually by now I am up to at least 1 or 2 ahead of where I should be. I have things to post about, but no effort to want to sit at the computer and load them, luckily on that score, I was so a head in my little challenge that taking time out means I won't not achieve the challenge I set myself.

So there you have negative moments at present. I can't actually put my finger on it totally but the days are just rolling into each other at present and there seems to be no room to breath. I am a do'er and I think all my doing has clashed and all hit a head at the same time. Considering I had my birthday yesterday it is not the greatest feeling to feel so crap.

So how is your week going? Any better than mine?

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Wendy said...

I belive this is called the post wedding blues. A very common occurance where after a big event, like your wedding, you suddenly feel low. A lot of effort and excitment goes into a day which is all about you and your partner and then after the honeymoon you come crashing back to earth! Take a deep breath and appreciate the good things in your life, big and small. Love from your friend, Wendy :-)