Sunday, July 19, 2009

2 Weeks

Where have we been, I can hear you all call??
Well it has been the school holidays here in New Zealand and so we have been out and about.
Well in fact Ben is the wanderer this time.
The first weekend we went to the caravan, nice quiet pleasant time. On the way home we went via Grandma's house and dropped him off. He then stayed there for the next 6 days.
He had a ball.
Learnt to sew on buttons and even how to stay dry at night. So 6 days later he came back to us and now he doesn't wear nappies at night. In the last week we have had 2 minor accidents, but all is going very well at present and we are making a big fuss of him every morning.

When he had finished playing with Grandma, he didn't get to go home, because we had already shipped on over to the caravan for a week. Steve took time off work and we took Alex out of Daycare.
It was rather wet and cold at the caravan, but with old friends there and lots to do it wasn't that bad!
Ok so it rained a lot and the ground was very muddy, squelching under foot and full of water, but survivable if you had the right frame of mind.
Obviously we did, because we stayed till Saturday.
So today we are home, gettign ready for the week of work and school ahead of us.
You would never know that Ben has been away for 2 weeks, he is not bothered by it at all. Never once mentioned home and wanting to come back!

Not sure if that is a good sign because at almost 6 he is strong enough to be away from home or a bad thing because it looks like he has spent half his time away from home and doesn't care?

Oh well, he had an awesome school holiday, with lots to tell at news at school on Monday.

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