Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Well maybe it could be down loaded to bribery!

We are once again blackmailing Ben into doing something. No not medicine this time......drinking, not alcohol, just everyday normal drink.
He just doesn't want to drink!

We can send him to school at 9am and when he comes home at 5pm he has drunk all of 100mls.
Now in my book that is insufficient for someone to go over 6 hours without having drunk anything.

So we started to bribe him this week.....if he drinks sufficient, then he will get a star.
3 stars and he gets to go and stay with Grandma and Grandad next week (school holiday time), all on his own.
On a day that he doesn't get a star, then he gets no computer time.
This is big to him at present as we have a ball game on the computer called 'Peggle' that he is just loving. It is a super little game that both him and Alex are managing to master very well. In fact better than I am at times!

So even though I am trying not to make a big deal over all this, I still am trying to get him to understand that he does have to drink something during the day.

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