Wednesday, July 08, 2009


At the moment in New Zealand it is wintertime.
Although we are lucky enough not to have snow on the ground, it can get pretty cold here.
This, as everyone will know, can really get you down somedays, especially if it has been raining all day and the temperature has not risen at all all day.

I have a calendar in the toilet, not sure why, although it is pretty to look at.
It is an Anne Geddes one with lots of pictures of babies in poses that are so cute.

However I am in love with July's picture.
It is of a baby laid on rose petals and it makes me smile and feel so happy everytime I see it.

Not the greatest shot of the picture, I tried to find it online but to no avail, so had to resort to taking a picture of it myself and cropping it

Definitely a moral booster for the middle of winter!

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