Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Steve's office area has started having cooking competitions.
It started with a cake making competition a couple of months ago. This took them a fair few weeks to accomplish.
Steve had to bake a cake one week, at the same time as several other people. Who ever won that week went onto the next round.
Guess what, Steve won his round! Way to go with my Lemon Coconut Cake.

I can't actually remember what he baked for the next round, it was a close call but sadly he didn't make it through.

A couple of weeks ago he informed me that the next competition was all about 'Soups'
So he has been wondering what he could do.
Now bear in mind that he isn't too interested in winning this round at all. Not too fussed on soups, so all he wipped up was the recipe for 'Mild Curried Kumara Soup' oh with a twist, because Steve can not do anything when cooking without a little twist added!
Although when you ask him what he put in it and can he tell you so you can recreate it....the answer is always NO, because sometimes he is not actually sure what it was that he put there!

So today, he took in his soup. Hoping that it was suitable enough for the competition but compared to others, hopefully not good enough to go forward.
Well blow me down, he is cirrently leading for this week.
Due to the nature of it being soups, they are doing 2 soups per day, rather than trying 3-4 soups in one day. So a scoring system has been created. He has to wait until the soups for Thursday have been scored, but currently he is leading this week!

I laughed when I called him to find out how his soup went! Because now, if he wins the week, he only has to come up with another soup to make in a few weeks time!

Anyone got an good soup recipes out there for him to use????

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Laurie from Rotorua said...

how about the store cupbord soup...
call me if ou can't remember it.
well done Steve