Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Extra Time

Alex currently goes to Daycare 3 days a week, funnily enough, the days I work!

They called me yesterday and asked if I would like him to go 5 days a week for the same current price I am paying for 3 days?
I was sure there was a catch and said I would have to get back to them on this.

I currently can't actually justify sending him full time all week. I currently work 3 days a week and I want him to spend some time with me, because I never had my boys so they could grow up in Daycare. He goes when I work and that is it, yes I would like him to maybe have some extra hours there, give me 2 minutes to myself to get things done occassionally, but it would only be a half day or something. I also know that he loves the place and is learning so much whilst there that I actually don't have a problem with him spending more time there.

However, until now it would cost us to send him an extra half day and we definiftely can not justify that!

So on further discussion with them, Alex will now be going on a Friday as well from just after 9am till about 3pm.
It will be free for that day, no extra cost to us.
I will drop him off after taking Ben to school and I will pick him up either as I go to get Ben from school or as I come home afterwards.

So during school hours on a Friday I will now have no children to worry about and I will probably get a lot more errands and jobs completed as I will not have to keep worrying about toilet stops, drinks and food!

This is also a permanent thing until he leaves next year to go to school. I am sure it might change if they suddenly get a lot of children wishing to attend the daycare and pay for the sessions, but until then I am not going to knock this back. I am just going to accept graciously and smile sweetly.

Roll on Friday, what shall I do??

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Kent and Leisy said...

how wondeful!! What I wouldn't give for a day like that :) and I'm sure that Alex loves it!!! you definitely lucked out!