Monday, October 19, 2009

Small Problem

We are very lucky in the fact that we really don't have any major problems with the boys. Nothing that a little bit of gentle parenting can't fix.

Ben however has decided that he will sit and suck his clothes.
He will sit and suck the sleeve on his pyjamas, the neck of his pyjamas even the neck of his school shirt!
We constantly have to tell him to stop sucking his shirt. He will sit and watch tv and suck his shirt. He will sit at school and do the same thing.

The picture below shows his shirt from when he came home from school one day. It was wet in a huge area around the neck and chest. I have actually drawn a line where the wet goes out to to show you just how much of the shirt was wet from him sucking it! (you can actually just see the colour change on the red strip down the right hand side)

So now we are working through this to try and get him to stop sucking his clothes.
It smells and it is actually making his skin sore where he is constantly wearing wet clothes against his skin!

Any solutions anyone?

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