Wednesday, October 14, 2009


For the last week, all of New Zealand has been holding its breath whilst the Police in Auckland try to find a missing 2 yr old.
Aisling Symes wandered from her house whilst her mother had her back turned for 2 seconds.

For the last week everyone has been debating over where she is and what could have happened to an innocent 2yr old?
Was she abducted, fallen in the waterway at the end of the property, even hiden somewhere?

Sadly on Monday evening everyone's worst fears were confirmed when the body of a very young child was found in a storm water drain on the property next door!

Mother's all over New Zealand are today keeper closer eyes on their kids and I know my kids are getting extra hugs and kisses along with being watched that little bit extra.

Our heart felt prayers go out to the family in this very hard time for them.

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