Friday, October 09, 2009

Holiday Programmes

With it being the school holidays then Ben is floating around free at present.
Last week I took a week off work and spent the time with them but sadly I couldn't do both weeks this time, so he has had to be entertained.

He goes to After School Care thanks to the local YMCA who run the programme at his school, and thanks to them because they also run a School Holiday Programme which he loves.
So this week, although I was working 3 days, he went along for 2 of them. On the other day he joined our good friends children and stayed at their house for the day with their nanny Susan. Very grateful to them all for having Ben that day.

Anyway, the reason he didn't go to the programme on that day was because they were having a day away from the building. Now I have no problem with field trips out, he loves them, but I do have a problem with the field trip being to a swimming pool.
Ben is 6, all the other children are between 5 - 7. Ben can sorta swim, should be able to after all the lessons he has had! He can't however swim enough to get himself out of any real danger plus I am not sure if he would realise he is in any danger until it was too late.
I also got put off by the lady telling me that although their ratio is 1:4 when they go swimming, not everyone gets in the water, although she said that it always seems that she ends up getting wet anyway because she has had to get in!

To me that is a major warning, like, hey do you realise that you are looking after kids who are not fab at swimming and may need a little more supervision whilst in the water. If the teachers with them are not prepared to get in the water then why bother to take the kids to the pools?

Another field trip they happily take is to the local shopping mall to grab a burger and a movie.
Sadly I do not send Ben on these days either!
Ben has never been to the movies! Not by choice either.
We tried to take him once and before we had purchased the tickets he said he didn't want to go in! So I snuck into an already running movie so he could have a look and he flatly refused to go the movies and see Kung Fu Panda (which consequently is one of his favortie movies)
Sadly there has not really been anything else that has come out that he would go.
He does tell us about the movies he gets to watch at Holiday programmes on the DVD, but most of the time he complains and says they were not ones he liked etc.
He also does not like burgers!
So sending him on a day where they spend the time at the mall and movies is a waste of money!

I have just discovered however that our movie theatre is going to be showing 'Mary Poppins' in December for one day only.
I loved this movie and have never seen is on the big screen! But then how many of us really have seeing as it came out in 1969!
So seeing as Ben loved watching some of 'Hello Dolly' the other week with all the singing and dancing in it, then I think we might be having a family afternoon out to the movies at the beginning of December.

They are also showing for one day only 'Grease'. I love this movie too and I was only 6 1/2 yrs old when it hit the cinema the first time round. When it reached its 25th Anniversary all the theatres around NZ did show it for a time and I did get to see it on the big screen. Oh man, John Travolta dancing on the big screen, what a sight! So next month come rain or shine I will be there with my $10 to watch that.

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