Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Snow

We couldn't have asked for a better day than the one we got when we went to the snow.

It had been raining when we left home in the morning and as we got closer it started to clear.
By the time we actually got up the mountain, it was as clear as could be and made our experience up there even more enjoyable.
Nothing like playing in the snow in the blazing hot sunshine and keeping warm.

Looking at all the little black dots on the above picture, then I think a lot of people realised that they were onto a good thing going up the mountain on this particular afternoon. It was gorgeous up there.

Now I have skied before, when I was 11 and 16 yrs old, so just a couple of years ago!
I wasn't in any hurry to get back skiing, although I did enjoy it, I was looking forward to spending sometime with the boys and their first experience of snow, but once I got up there and was surrounded by all the skiers and the snow, I just wanted to jump on the chair lift and ski away, but sadly that was not to happen, so have vowed that I will return one fine day to get back to 1 with the snow and some wooden planks to come down on!

The boys had a blast up at the snow. We rented some tobogans and spent a wonderful hour going up and down the little area set aside just for that purpose.

Alex getting ready to rumble down on his own!
As much as he liked going down.....

He just wasn't so happy to have to pull his toy back up again (that is him in the red and black discussing with me, in the grey and sunglasses, how we are going to get back up to the top!). We had many a moment when Alex decided he couldn't make it back up because he was cold and wet, although once back up at the top he was always eager to go back down again!

Ben on the other hand was happy to go up and down, although he found the coming back up a little slippy, but he had soon mastered how to take the bumps and dips in the slide down.

Even managed to get down whilst dodging the flying snowballs!

Sadly we were unable to take Barney to the snow, so he didn't get a shot up there, but we all did, thanks to our friends who we were with, although by this time Alex had cold wet trousers and was not a happy bunny. It was lovely and warm up there but cold wet trousers and undies really doesn't make for happy playing conditions although when asked if he had had enough he always said 'Yes' but when told we were going down one last time he was always eager to have another go!
Ben of course loved joining the bigger boys that were there and learn the art of snowball fighting.

We were only up there for just over an hour, but it was enough for them to have a blast.
I am sure we will be returning again some day, although as mentioned before, it is over 4 hours drive away and definitely something that needs to be planned.

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