Friday, October 02, 2009


The day started ok, until my girlfriend's came over and told me that we would fit in their car?! A little bemused I asked why I needed to fit into their cars?

Turns out there had been a Tsunami in Samoa and it was threatening the East Coast of New Zealand.
No problem except that our caravan is on the East Coast of New Zealand and that is where we are currently located. With no car as Steve is over in Hamilton working whilst I am here with the boys for school holidays.

So on went the limited radio reception that we had and quick phone calls to our husbands who would maybe be able to give us more up to date info from home.
The general consenses was that yes they were advising us to move to higher ground for a few hours as there was threat of 1-2m high waves arriving on the beaches.

So 4 adults and 8 children piled into 2 cars and spent and hour or so up a hill watching the sea roll on by with no sign of any weird activity what so ever!

So a little excitment to make the holiday go by nicely but no real threat to us at anytime.

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Needled Mom said...

Glad that all is okay with you. That was pretty scary.