Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Here Comes the Snow

After leaving the Sheep Shearer Statue we continued our road trip south to the snow.
The rain was clearing and we started to enter into a gorgeous sunny day.

Of course once you get to a certain point on the trip then the mountain comes into view.
I think the boys got more excited about actually seeing the mountain come into view than they did when they actually got to stand on the snow!

They constantly kept telling us which window the mountain was in the whole last hour of the journey to get there.
So we shot some pictures to show how clear it was coming into view.

Of course Barney was there to share in the excitment as we got closer to the snow.....

One thing about New Zealand snow, we don't get much of it in the north Island! Too warm, well it gets cold but not for long enough to get snow on low lying ground, so unfortunately for all concerned the snow usually only gets to a certain level up the mountain and if you want to play in it, then you have to go up to it!
That is why in the above pictures you can see the snow on the top of the mountain and then a lot of brown under it before the tree tops.
In the South Island it is a slightly different matter, they do get snow lower down and so for a truely winter wonderland in New Zealand then you have to travel to the South Island.
For us that would mean a 7 hour drive to the ferry, 3 hours on the ferry and then another 6 hour drive on land, so not a simple close trip at all.

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