Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It has suddenly gone cold in the evenings, the days are still quite warm but suddenly the curtains need closing at night.
The blankets are making a slow appearance in the living room and I am even considering finding my slippers!
I will resist putting the heater on until after Easter (April)

March 1 was of course the start of Autumn for New Zealand so I shouldn't be too surprised that the temperature is dropping, the days are getting shorter and the mornings are dark.
The clocks do not change for another 3 weeks, Easter Weekend, but by the time it all changes we are going to be ready for it.
Good Friday will be light and Easter Monday will be dark.

So I have updated the blog to get that lovely warm feeling that we all need in Autumn time. Hopefully this will also warm all you guys that are hanging out for heat with your spring just arriving, wait patiently as it will arrive soon.

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Laurie said...

Much better colour to read now.

hugs mum x