Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Life is whizzing past so fast these days.
My new job has settled well and I am enjoying it. I am now working 4 days a week and man am I noticing it!
Nothing is getting done, although it is getting done, but it has to wait until the weekend.
I have one day a week off with Alex, which is great fun, but always made up with a huge list of errands for us to get sorted, things that can't be done on a weekend due to shops not being open or offices being closed.
So the week is flying past, the washing is getting done in the evenings and when I fall in bed at night I am already counting the hours until I can get something else done after work!

I have 19 posts to blog about, but never seem to have more than 5 minutes on the computer. I have enough time to check emails and check what you have all been up to on your blogs! I may not be adding too many comments but I am visiting and catching up on what you have been up to. Man some of you lead such fun lives. I am glad you are all having such fun in the winter months in the US and enjoying the last of the summer sun down under. I can't actually believe that Daylight Savings is so close, only 3 weeks to go and we will officially be in Autumn. Man summer has gone by so fast!

We have 3 months until Alex starts school, and it is going by very very fast now, not long till Easter, then school starts again and then it will be time for him to begin.
He had his hair cut today and I suddenly noticed how grown up he was looking, almost like he shot up over night, sure he looked so young and babyish yesterday and all grown up today. Maybe I can stop him sleeping and then he won't grow so fast at night! On second thoughts, maybe not such a good idea so I will let him sleep in peace for now, although I found him upside down on our bed at 3am last night.
Never heard him come in or climb on the bed until I discovered a foot in my face!

Well that fast life has to go on and my time is now up, have to go and get Ben from school, race to the supermarket and then get him to his swimming lesson.
When that finishes I then have to race to get Steve and then home for dinner. Oh well at least the 4 loads of washing are drying in the afternoon sun......just wonder who will have the happy task of folding it all so it can be put away.....?

Nobody has answered me, so guess, as usual, it will be me...!

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