Sunday, March 28, 2010

Green Gables

I do not remember when I first got into Anne of Green Gables.

In fact, like all other wonderful literature, I probably saw it first on the screen before I realised it was from a book!
I do have the book and I am currently reading it.
I love the writing and the fact that Anne can be "in the depths of despair", it is such fun to actually read the paragraphs where she manages to just talk and switch subjects after everyother word, typical Anne fashion.

But however, I still love AGG and the sequel. There is however the Continuing story, but as I read on another blog the other day, it is a little far fetched and really not in with the books, however it is watch able.

I have the DVD set of the 3 movies, all something like 9 hours of it, and I have just managed to spend a couple of days watching the whole thing again.
Yes I fell in love with Gilbert Blythe all over again.

I would love to visit Prince Edward Island some day, I do know that not a lot of the films were actually filmed there, but still I have heard it is a beautiful place

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Needled Mom said...

I can remember reading the book and absolutely loving it.