Thursday, March 18, 2010


Every year in December, I go along to the local shopping mall and purchase next years calendar.
I like a specific one, so like to get it whilst they have them in stock.
All the other calendars we have in the house come from the 40% off sale they have in the New Year.

Now I have not needed a Family Organiser Calendar yet, nothing to write on it and in fact the boys haven't had that much to do that needs noting.
Unfortunately that all turned to crap last month!
Suddenly Ben had heaps of things going on at school and guess who forgot most of them?
Yea that's!

They were things that didn't involve the whole family and how I managed to not note them I do not know.
He never took swim stuff for Swim Sports Day! I forgot to pay for a trip and a show!

Despite looking, of course getting a new calendar in March is impossible, so we are going to have to be very vigilent throughout the rest of the year (all 9 months of it) and then I will ceremonously purchase a Family Organiser Calendar for 2011.

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