Thursday, March 18, 2010


During the summer months Ben playes cricket through school.
He is really enjoying it and has played for the last 2 years almost.

So a couple of weeks ago I heard on the radio about getting free tickets to a 20/20 match that was being played in Hamilton.
I went online and registered and was successful in getting a free family pass to the cricket game.

So we pack out picnic dinner and trotted off to show the boys what a game of cricket should be like.
They loved it, we had a wonderful free night out as a family and they would happily go again.

Wow, there are people out there!

And just to confuse them, our local team were supporting Breast Cancer for the season so were dress and playing in Pink!

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Kent and Leisy said...

how fun to go to a cricket match!! and I know I've told you a zillion times- but your kids are so adorable.