Sunday, March 14, 2010

Productive Weekend

This weekend has been very productive!
Over at my mum's place she has had 3 burly firemen fixing up her deck for her.
Over here I have been mowing the lawn so my husband could get productive, ok so he thought my style of mowing was a little odd

But hey, it was midday and stinking hot, so the umbrella was very useful.
This was all so my husband could get his stuff our bathroom?

April last year we had a new bathroom installed, got rid of the old bath and shower unit and installed new ones.
We even went so far as to choose new tiles for the wall decoration, all that was left was for the painting to be done.
Thus the problem, Steve said he would do it all. Well I had no problem with that apart from the fact I didn't realise that it would take a year for it to get finished!

So this weekend I cleared the calendar, oh and next weekend just in case, and told him we had nothing to do and he was to be painting. Well it worked.

I have a painted bathroom, only problem is, it will probably take another year before it is totally finished though because we still need the tiles up around the vanity and shower and Steve has never tiled before!
Maybe he will learn fast for next weekend.
Now on searching back through my pictures I can find ones of the bathroom during renovations and ones from today with it all painted, I do not seem to be able to find any middle time pictures, so here are the best I could get.....!

Now I just have to wait for the tiling to be done before I finally have a mirror in my bathroom and lights to go over the top of it!
At least all the light sockets are finally screwed on flush to the wall and not hanging out waiting for the paint to go on behind them!

The boys of course wanted to get in and help today, so we sectioned off a little piece in the hallway and allowed Alex to have a go. It was a little bit of a test as well because Steve wanted to see if it was possible to paint over the pink wallpaper and get a good result?
It looks ok but I still think we will have to take the paper off the wall and then paint.

This has proved that maybe I will get some of the little sections of the kitchen that need painting done. Steve liked the suggestions I made, even discussed whether we wanted to put some of the colour from the bathroom into the kitchen? Would go very nicely with the bench top, so may get some little areas of the wall made colour and the rest a cream.
Will keep you posted, but at least Steve can now get a bottle of wine from my dad seeing as that is what he said yesterday if Steve did actually manage to get the room painted today.

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Laurie said...

looks good ...Dad called and said he offered a bottle of wine.
love the brolly and mower.
hugs mum x