Friday, April 16, 2010

Car Racing

It is that time of year again when all the motor enthusiast and petrol heads descend on Hamilton for 3 days for the ITM Hamilton 400 V8 Super Car Racing.

The boys have never been into it, well they are only 5 & 7, and they do not exactly have a father who is a mad car person, although he does like a good car race.
Last year they showed a little interest but could more or less take it or leave it.
The V8's are racing here for 7 years, this is yr 3, so we still have a few more years to go yet, so have promised the boys we will take them, just going to leave it until they are a little older and will enjoy it more.

Unfortunately they are getting older and they are beginning to show an interest.
I am kinda glad really cause I was bought up in house with racing and sport, not that we played much between us, but I well remember Saturdays at home doing things around the hosue whilst the tv blared the latest racing from Rally to Formula 1, from Rugby to cricket.
I was there watching it on the tv when British Racer Damon Hill won the Formula 1, I remember Murray Walker getting all caught up with himself in that proud moment as he tried to commentate such a joyous moment, secretly, I love it all.
My dad and grandad use to rally, I have even marshalled at a rally.
My brother loves fast cars and racing and so I have kinda aquired a taste for it all.

So this weekend we were planning on going to the weekend, but Ben changed those plans by annoucing he wanted to watch the car racing on the tv. So home we are staying.

Alex even came home from Daycare today with his own #1 V8 Car, so I have a little driver in our midst.

Comes complete with his own sponsorship!

I think this weekend is going to be lots of fun, expecially as we can hear the buzzing of the races as they go round the centre of Hamilton which is all of 2-3ks away.

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