Friday, April 16, 2010


As I have mentioned a few times before, I like to quilt.
And as I have mentioned many times before as well, I haven't had much time for it in the last few years, but that seems to be changing.

I happily read blogs and get inspired by what others are achieving and also looking at the wonderful patterns they have managed to find.
Now I also manage to, on occassion, find sites that have free BOM happening. Some of them I like and others I think I would really like to make one day.

Today I came across this site 'Val Laird' and she has this gorgeous BOM called 'Gifts of Grace'.
So I have set the site up so I keep up to date with each new pattern being released.
I think it is a cute little design.

I have also found free stuff over here at Bunny Hill Designs.

Not overly fussed about the current free BOM with Snowmen, but did love the one from last year, so have the pattern and will one day make it up. It was 12 designs around a basket for each month of the year, so cute.

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