Thursday, April 08, 2010

No Turning Back...!

I posted last week about how I was looking into completing my Bachelors of Nursing.
Well, there is no turning back now, as prior to having our weekend away I collected all the relevent paperwork I needed for the application. I got it all verified by JP and completed all 10 (felt like it!) 5 forms required.

Today, I went to Wintec and officially handed in my application.
Now I just sit back and wait for the letter to tell me exactly what I have to complete to achieve my goal. Will probably be May before I know completely.

On the other hand, one of the nice ladies at Wintec sent me through the Bio for the paper I think I have to complete.
Well Steve and I had a good laugh reading it as it is all based around very basic leadership, change and evaluating of yourself as a nurse, or more to the point, how to analyse yourself and your practise as you become a registered nurse!
This course is actually focused at people who are just completing their nurse training, so I may find some of the lectures and papers very interesting as I will be bringing 15 yrs experience to the lectures!

Looks like it is going to be a fun year


Laurie said...

Well then, no excuse for not doing it.... lovely when things go your way and they turn out to be what you already know .. Just need to get into the studing mode again it does not take long.... as long as every one backs you at home....Mum x

Needled Mom said...

Way to turning back now!