Saturday, April 17, 2010

Get Well Soon

It seems that in the last couple of weeks my extended family have all managed in some form or other to get sick.
So here is a big Get Well Soon to everyone.

My cousin is now hobbbling around with a brace on her leg due to the fact she has broken her leg and knee whilst out walking one morning with her teenage daughter.
I had to laugh at first because a) she was on school holiday at the time (she is a teacher) and b) why was she out exercising at 6am?
I just had to call her up and tell her what we all know anyway.......that exercising at 6am is just such a stupid thing to do!
She laughed and agreed that she must have been half mad to do it but that now she would love to be able to just go for a sensible walk.
So mend well Nicky and keep smiling.

I have not been well these past few days. I started with a cold and then on Wednesday afternon just got hit with feeling really crap.
All I wanted to do was lay down and after I had done just that I didn't really move for 2 days.
Last night I walked up the road to get Alex from Daycare, this was the first time I had been out of the house for 48hrs.
Man I felt weak.
I am feeling better now, but still not 100%. Hopefully I will be fine to go back to work on Monday, after lots of resting this weekend.

My Uncle has also been unwell.
He has had on going probablems with his abdomen over the last couple of years and unfortuately this saw him end up in hospital again this last week.
To add to this the pain and infection was not doing good things with his heart so it was a slightly scary time whilst he was in hospital.
He is now home and slowly getting better but does require an operation in the not too distant future.

So we are all slowly falling apart here at the moment.
I think we all need so juice of youth or what ever is out there to give you energy and spirit back.
Keep smiling all, we will get better soon

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Needled Mom said...

Sending get well wishes to all!!!