Friday, April 09, 2010

What gives...?

After rock climbing today we called in to the supermarket to grab some stuff for lunch.
Ben decided that he wanted hotdogs and Alex wanted chicken nuggets.
I happily sellected 6 frankfurters and a pack of 6 hot dog buns.
Then I spied something.......

A ready made up ready to cook pack of hotdogs (sausages, buns and cheese)
For 2 secs I wondered if this was the better way to go as it was $7.99

A quick check at what I had in my basket, 6 franks at $2.41 and pkt 6 buns at what I thought was probably $3.99 (normal price) as there was no sign.
I immediately realised that no I didn't need this made up pack as what I had was cheaper, ok only by about $1.50 but it did include cheese, so would probably work out cheaper, although who wants cheese on a hot dog? Mustard and Ketchup are fine thanks.

Imagine my surprise when going through the checkout to realise that the buns were actually only $2 for the 6, so I spent a grand total of $4.41 for my 6.
I am so glad I am more concious about what things cost nowadays and also that I know the prices of some basic things in my store to know whether they are actually on special or not!

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