Friday, April 09, 2010

School Holidays

Like most people, when this time comes around, all mums and dads cringe and wonder how they will get through the time!
I am no different, and I usually only have 1 of the 2 weeks off with them. They go to holiday programme and daycare for the other week.
Well this week has been my time with them, ok, it has only been Thursday and Friday as we were at the craravan for the other part of the week.

Yesterday we ran around and did 15 errands, we left the house at 8.15am and returned just after 5 after collecting Steve from work. (we are still a one car family, so schedules have to be organised)

Today we have had a quieter day. We have had the boys hair cut, mainly because head lice does not bowed well in short hair.
Yes we have had our first ever taste of the dreaded nits!
I can see how easily it can be missed, as I never realised Ben had it until he spent the night with Grandma. Mainly because she slept next to him and so she saw him scratching. I hadn't noticed at all.
But all gone now after some determined energy for 3 days, guess if you really want to get rid of them until next time, then you have to be thorough and continuous in your campaigne to get rid of them.

Ben has also always gone on about the Indoor Rock Climbing he did in the last school holidays with the holiday programme.
Yesterday we drove past the building and I promised we would return to suss it all out soon.
Well today was soon enough.
It was awesome....!
The boys had a ball for just over an hour for $11 each and that even allows them to return as many times as they like all day. So we are going to go back and show Steve when we collect him from work tonight.
With 2 boys it would be really useful if you could find another adult to go with you as you can only harness one child at a time, but the boys shared the time nicely and took turns with me. Grandma, maybe you need to visit during the holidays one time and we will take them both again?
It was also very difficult to get pictures of them up the walls because I was anchored right below them and not able to move to get a good shot.
The following pictures show you the amazing walls in the kids section for them to climb, some one had an awesome imagination when creating these.

Ben actually got to the very top of the snakes and ladder one!

Alex had a ball for his first time ever, he soon realised that even though it was fun to climb the walls it was even more fun to let go when mummy had him up there and then absail back down!
He got the hang of clipping on the harness very quickly and always wanted to do it all himself.

Will be fun taking them there again sometime


Laurie said...

Looks a amazing place may next time I can bring Ellis and Harvey as well.

Kent and Leisy said...

that place is absolutely amazing!!! it's a kid's heaven- and I wouldn't mind it either!!