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New Blog

I have updated an old blog that I had.
I actually had 3 blogs, the main one being this one 'Life Today' where I ramble on about what we as a family are doing and how life is today.
I then had blog #2 which I kept when we were selling our house in Auckland and moving to Hamilton. I have stopped updating this now, well I stopped 2 years ago.
Then blog #3 was somewhere for me to vent when things got tough, which going by the amount of posts on it, was not often, but it gave me somewhere to yell when Steve got lax with his diabetes and this caused hassle or when I just got annoyed.

Anyway, I have decided to recreate blog #3 and turn it into a blog where I can record my journey to Teaching.
As you may have read here, I am trying to get my Bachelors of Nursing so I can use it in turn to get onto the 1 yr Primary School Teacher Diploma Course at the local University.
So I have decided to keep a blog about the ups and downs as this process emerges.
You can go and find out about my 'Bac to Skool' activities here.
If you want to follow this blog, please remember to add it to your list of blogs to follow.

As this blog was already in use, there were one or two posts already on it.
Some I was happy to delete as they were rubbish and did not need keeping, but one of them was quite significant.

When I was planning our wedding in 2008 my parents were stationed in Dubai and all my wedding dress plans etc were missed by my mum, someone who I would have loved to have had in the country with me at the time to go through it all. Believe me there was many a tear shed, from her and me, at the fact I planned my wedding without my mum in the country.
Whilst I was having my dress made we managed to get some pictures and I had to find a way of letting her see them but at the same time be able to add my comments about it so she could understand.
I couldn't just post them to my main blog as Steve was an avid follower of the blog at the time and checked it daily!
I also couldn't just file them in Word and then email it over and then spend hours on the telephone with her, but I worked out I could write a post about it and then get her to view it, that way she didn't have to download files etc and could easily view it at her leisure.
Mum had found all the material used in my dress in Dubai, I had a cream raw silk dress. The material was about 1/4 of the price there than here, so I got a very expensive material dress for next to nothing!

It actually worked too, she viewed the post and then we discussed it at length on the phone with us both having the post up on the computer. We were able to immediately view the picture that the other one was talking about.

So for memories sake, because I am big on keeping memories, here is the post I displayed on the other blog. Steve has actually since seen this and laughed at the sneeking activities that went on at that time!

Monday 25th August 2008
Wedding Dress

Ok, so this was the easiest way I could show you the dress and give you my comments at the same time.

I was a little unimpressed with the dress when I tried it on last week. Not actually sure what I was expecting.

Anyway, as you can see it is quite plan and boring, although it has not been totally finished off either so that may have something to do with it, it is a work in progress!
I not sure if I like the top and I don't like the seam that runs under the bust.

I do like the shape of the skirt, has turned out just how I wanted it.
The length is also a good length and sits well.

The whole idea of the meeting was to ascertain that she was working with the right size and to also decide on the material for the sleeves. Whether it was the silk or one of the laces you sent over.

The back of the dress is nice, although this is not the greatest picture of it. I am a little worried that it is too tight across the back, but Jodie still has to let the seams out which she was expecting. She is not happy with the hang of the skirt at the back so is going to redo it, even though she did say it needs a good press all over.

This picture shows one of the laces draped over the bodice. Jodie had this wonderful idea that we could use the lace over the bodice, have a cocktail dress with the same effect and think it is lovely. Anyway she likes the lace in the picture and after seeing it, feel that it complements the dress perfectly. Giving it an elegant, ancient old fashion look, so me and so just perfect. I also think that by doing that it takes away from the top the part that I don't like as I felt the top was a little lifeless.

Picture below shows sort of where the lace will come up to. Was interested in having it just hang, but a slight shortage of lace to be able to do that.

Was decided eventaully that we would do the sleeves in the lace as well, blend with the fitted bodice and it all looks so good together. There is a scallopped edge on the lace and Jodie is going to be able to get the edge of the sleeve made out of the scallopped part, so this gives you an idea on that.

Pictures below give you an idea of what the overal picture will look like with the shawl as well.
The colours all match so well I am impressed that we managed to do all this matching across the world.

End of post

Just so you can see what it eventually looked like, here is a picture of the finished dress on the day.
The light in the pictures from above made the dress look quite white and pale in colour when in fact it was cream, as you can see below.

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