Thursday, November 11, 2010

Deadly Day on Waikato Roads

That is the title on one of the Google homepage news links.
The first paragraph went like this:

"Three people were killed and six injured in three separate crashes within 7 hours on Waikato roads."
Having heard of 2 of the accidents on the news I thought I would have a quick read to see about the 3rd.
  1. Car v truck on a bend
  2. Police car v car trying to escape them
  3. Car v tanker
The only thing that suddenly stood out for me was this:
  1. Driver of the car was 15yrs old
  2. Driver of the car that crashed in to Police was ....15yrs old
  3. Driver of the car was 17yrs old
Anyone else see a common theme in this story.......yea me too, the drivers were all young. The 15yr old female they say was driving too fast and didn't handle the car or road correctly. She also had a car full of other teenager passengers
The 15yr old male that ran into police was in a car packed with other youths and they were trying to escape the Police.
The 3rd driver I don't know anything about, just that he was young too.

Sadly it wasn't a good day on the roads for young drivers yesterday in the Waikato area

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Vintage Mum said...

It's terrible isn't it? I know at 15, even 17 I wasn't ready to be in charge of such a huge thing - I waited until I was 24 to learn to drive though because I didn't need a car before then. Very sad :(