Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Start of The Challenges

Well a week has almost passed and I have made a start on my challenges.

I of course completed Challenge 1 first, as per the instructions that I had set, and so I ahve brought my notebook to use for the time. In fact I brought 2 notebooks, 1 to be used as a jotting place for things to do with each challenge, notes to self, points to remember etc.
The 2nd one is the official book that will get nicely written and have pictures pasted into to use as my journal of my challenge.

I have also made a start on several other challenges, as some of them will take time to complete.
Please refer here for the complete list of challenges.

Challenge 43 - we have a vegetable garden planted and when there is something to use I will complete this challenge early next year

Challenge 45 - I have made a start on my new collection and have decided that I will start collecting snowmen. It is the right time of year to commence this challenge as of course all the Christmas decorations are now readily available in the stores. I will post a picture when I have the 1st item of my collection.

Challenge 63 - I have started to read through some of the cook books in the cupboard to see which would be enjoyable to use. I am even considering using the cook book Alex got for his birthday this year and maybe extending the challenge a little to add that him and I will attempt all the recipes?

Challenge 71 - am constantly thinking about what I could use to develop the recipe, although I have a dip (Chick Peas with Indian Spices) that I buy from a store that I love and am maybe going to see if I can reproduce it at home.

Challenge 73 - have been thinking back over my wonderful adventerous 40 years and jotting down places I have enjoyed visiting and thinking about if I would like to take the boys there one day.

So there is my start for now, not bad going for the first week.

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kimara said...

I collect snowmen how fun! I love hte little guys plus you don't have to have them around all year! Sounds like you are really challenging and growing ...yourself.