Thursday, November 11, 2010


When we lived in Auckland, we use to visit the zoo all the time.
They had wonderful annual passes available.
At the time we were able to get 2 adult passes because the kids got in free.
Once they turned 5 then we would have got a kids pass and then become the accompanying adult that got in free.
All in all it always worked out a very decent thing to buy for the year and it got well used.

When we moved to Hamilton we checked out the zoo here! What a disappointment, they didn't do annual passes, just Friends of the Zoo, which you had to pay to be and this only gave you half price when ever you visited, so you had to have the money to be able to go.
Consequently we have not used the zoo at all whilst living here.

However I have just read on Facebook (and checked out on their website) that they have just introduced their  'New' annual pass to the zoo.
They now have on sale annual passes at a very reasonable price that allows you to go as often as you want for the whole year. Yea, we will definitely be looking at getting one of those.

When you have nothing else to do, it is always great to take the kids to the zoo. For the price of the Family Pass we would have to visit 3 times in the year to get our monies worth but that would be easy to do.
The amount of times we use to load the pushchair with drink bottles and a packed lunch and spend an afternoon at the zoo, was great.

Think we might just be visiting Hamilton Zoo much more next year

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Anonymous said...

My kids love the zoo as well! I have a soft spot for Hamilton because my friend Anna works there. :)