Monday, November 01, 2010

Upcoming Birthday

I have a rather significant birthday coming up in a few weeks time. Sadly not as young as 30 but not as old as 50, so you work it out!

Anyway, apart from wanting to totally change my career and try and spend more time doing crafts etc I wanted something to try and do as a little challenge as I turn this momentous age??

But what, is the big question?

Well on someones blog the other day I came across the very thing. Something that will take me at least a year to complete, something that has no set timeframes and can be achieved in any order, no set rules, just something to work towards.

I will let you in on the challenge in a few weeks time (2 1/2 weeks actually) because hopefully it will be something I can blog about as I achieve it.

1 comment:

tartankiwi said...

Sounds exciting! Good luck with your new challenge. Can't wait to hear what it is :-)