Monday, November 29, 2010


As you may have remembered from here, we are having a sunflower growing competition in our family.

Man are they growing!!

Here is a picture of how they are looking at present.....

man are they getting tall?
I am sure they keep growing just in the time we are away during the day for work and school cause they always seem taller when we get home.

Steve and Ben seem to be steaming away with the tallest at present

sure Steve's are getting taller because of the down pipe?

Ben's on the R of pole, mine on L, pretty close in size
Alex is a little miffed that his are not racing behind, but I keep assuring him that that means his are saving their energy for making the biggest flower head and that that prize is the best one to win at the end of the day (get to choose where to have dinner)


Miriam said...

Those sunflowers are really going for it. What a lovely space it will be when they all come into bloom. I will enjoy reading through your challenges and watching you complete them!

kimara said... and warmth what is that? Thanks for your answer about the birds nest. That still blows my mind. You yard looks lovely and warm....want a house guest?

Luke said...

Cuz - you call this a family sun flower growing contest and I feel that I am at a big disadvantage because its winter here. No Fair !