Monday, January 31, 2011

Uh Now What?

Found this in the paper......

Two women have been caught trying to bring drugs and drug paraphernalia into Auckland Central Remand Prison.

When their car was searched at a prison checkpoint, staff found three methamphetamine pipes, 13 small bags with traces of methamphetamine, a cannabis-hash cookie, and two cans of vodka, Auckland Central Remand Prison manager Grace Smit said.

The two women were at the prison recently to pick up the property of a friend on home detention.

"Whilst talking to prison staff one of the occupants of the car admitted she had active charges and was a co-offender of her friend whose property she had come to pick up," Ms Smit said.

Police were notified and one woman was arrested and banned from entering the prison grounds for 12 months.

I have only one question about this report?
Now she has been arrested, where does she serve her time?

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