Friday, June 15, 2012

Kind & Caring

My father in Law is with us for a few days this week.
He has just turned 83, well yesterday actually so the boys sang happy birthday to him at breakfast.
Granddad is blind and a little fragile nowadays so even though he is slow at moving around the house a little assistance doesn't go a miss when available.

It is so cute to watch our 2 terrors be kind and caring towards him.
They are happy to guide Granddad to the table for meals, walking slowly so he can find his way holding on to their hand or elbow, although not so cute when they forget to tell him about the stair banister they walk him into or the wall they forget to tell him to mind out for!
They have learnt that we tell dad about his food placement etc by using the clock face reference. If we forget it is so cute to hear their little voices informing dad that there is juice for him at 11 O'Clock or that he has chicken at 3 O'Clock. They even tell him when all the food is gone off of his plate so he is not chasing air around the plate!
They are happy to guide him back to his seat afterwards and ensure he has his blanket etc that he may require.

It is lovely to see their confidence in helping him grow with each visit we have with him. I know that he will not be around forever so it is great to see them interacting with him and not be scared, but then after all this is how Granddad has always been to them so they know no difference and just accept what needs to be done.

I am growing kind and considerate kids and proud of them when they show what they know.


Alison said...

Sounds as though your boys have a lovely relationship with their grandad!
Alison xx

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ahh that is so lovely! Our boys sound a lot a like crazy little turds at times but can really be amazing and blow me away at just those right moments in life.