Monday, June 11, 2012

New Zealand Blogging

I have been involved with blogging since 2005, just after my 2nd son was born.
I saw an article in a baby magazine that talked about blogging and why people were starting to blog. It went on the explain one or two of the different hosts available to blog via and it must have taken me a few weeks before I finally jumped in.
Unfortunately I only managed a few posts and then stopped for about 9 months, life just took over as I had a 2yr old and a new baby, but when I came back I came back with a vengeance and have been blogging on and off since 2006.
I started because my parents and in fact all my family were overseas, well no, they were all at home, I was the clever one sucker overseas. This way they were able to see what was happening with the boys without me filling their in box with emails that they didn't want to see etc, with blogging they could catch up when they wanted to.

In the beginning there were not a huge amount of blogs out there, when you found one you liked it was easy to catch up on what the person had written as most blogs were only a year old.
I do love going back to the beginning of someone's blog and reading about them and what they started with, if you are following someone it is nice to get a little better acquainted with them.
As much as I love the States it was always a shame I could never find too many blogs, if any by others here in New Zealand. I would always read about blogger's catching up with each other at meeting places etc.
How I wished there were more blogger's here.

And suddenly there are, daily I am coming across more blogs of people living in New Zealand. It is fun to read blogs by people experiencing the same life around them as I am, not because we are a like but because we live in the same country.
It is fun to come across blogs that are doing swaps and give-aways etc in New Zealand, no more of this 'would you like to win/swap this fabulous item but oh sorry no international entries!' 

So the world is getting bigger, the local world is getting even bigger still.
My list of blogs that I follow is creeping higher and higher, I may have to be ruthless and cul the list again soon, as I must be logical in the amount I follow, but then hey who's checking!

If you are new to this blog and just started following me then welcome, it is lovely to have you to here.
If you are checking me out because I have just starting following you then I hope I am suitable for you and that you might consider following me too sometime.
If you are just stopping by because you stumbled this way whilst surfing around one evening, then welcome too hope you stay a while.

Who ever you are, welcome, come in, grab a coffee hot chocolate and pull up a chair, lets make it last a while.


Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ahhh I love to catch up with blogs and meeting friends. I've been blessed to meet a few here in the Pacific NW but I do have some besties that I wish I could meet in real life. Like YOU :) the people who can bring me up with just a simple comment.

Ginger said...

Happy to hear you are meeting some bloggers from where you come :) I agree, it is nice to make connections with those from your own country.