Thursday, June 07, 2012


Whilst at my cousin's house this past weekend, she rented a DVD for the boys.
She got 'Hugo' and the boys started to watch this whilst at her house.
Unfortunately being the cruel mother that I am, I didn't allow them to see the end as they needed to sleep prior to their judo tournament the next morning.
We did though promise that when we got home we would get the movie from the rental store and watch it as a family.
So on Monday afternoon I got the movie (plus 2 others) for us to watch.
Can't say I was too impressed with the movie, it was very slow, nothing ever really happened and the way it was portrayed in the trailers I was expecting a little more adventure.
The boys however did enjoy it and that is all that matters.

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Hugo was due back yesterday and the other 2 movies due back today.
As we had finished watching all the movies then they all got returned on yesterday.

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3 times I tried to return them, or at least 3 times I remembered that they needed to be returned, everytime I drove past the store without them in the car! So at 6pm on a wet night Steve kindly raced out after work and returned all the movies.

So it was with a rather odd look on my face that I read the text from the store this morning saying we had an overdue movie!
I called Steve to check he had returned 3 movies? Yep sure had.
Seeing as I was out and about I decided to visit the store rather than call on the telephone to see what the issue was.

I happily explained to the man that we had returned all the movies the night before, only 1 of them was actually due on that day so the other 2 were in no way overdue etc.
He kindly checked on his computer and then proceeded to show me the problem....

Turns out it was all my fault, which I will happily admit (quick someone note that down somewhere!) because yes we had returned all the movies, yes my husband had put 3 movie cases on the counter last night, yes they had all gone together but what would have made it even better is if 1 of the movie cases actually had the movie inside.
Yep that is right, we returned the box but not the movie, this was still happily sitting in the blue ray player at home.

So after smiling nicely at the man and accepting the empty case, I raced home and retrieved said movie from the machine and returned it back to him. I did however just check that there were no fines involved as the movie in question was not actually due back until later today so should never have incurred any fines at all.
Happily for us the man agreed and our account is still sat on zero charges.


Laurie said...

Done that been there ... a few years back but not left in the machine ...someone who shall remain nameless took it out to change the DVD and put it in the folder with others I did not find for 2 weeks lucky it was a library copy so got away with no fine... hugs Mum.

Alison said...

Got the t-shirt for that one too, Kathryn!
Alison xx