Saturday, June 30, 2012

Missing A Little

I have been away, what's that, you didn't notice, oh well nothing missed then.
I got to go to Auckland with Steve at the beginning of the week just gone whilst he attended a work conference. Me well I got to lounge around a hotel for 3 days on my own.....yep that is right no kiddies.
They were at home being spoilt with Grandma!

This was my room for the enitre time

Yep pretty nice and dreamy. The tv was normal stuff although seeing as we don't have Sky then it was nice to catch CNN whenever I wanted and also the odd movie.
I would have treated myself to a Pay to View movie, there were a few I wanted to see, but at $22 each I really could not justify it. So I skipped on the movies and promised myself that when they come out on DVD I will rent them for $6 instead.

We went out to dinner at a friends house the first night and when we came back this is what we found....

A bottle of water and a glass on the bedside table (each side of the bed!)

Chocolate on the pillow and slippers on the floor by the bed
I could get use to this service!
Wonder how I get this at home??

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