Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Birthday Time

As mentioned here, we have just had a long weekend here in New Zealand, and it really wasn't much of a relaxing weekend for us! We had so much to do. Mainly all for the boys, looks like their life has finally gotten more exciting taken over our life!!

Monday was our youngest son Alex's 7th birthday. How he has ever got to this age I just don't know? But he managed so let's just hope he can make it to 8! Mischievous little monkey that he is!
He didn't seem to remember that it was his day because he went and watched tv in the morning with his brother, letting mum and dad have a small lie in. It was actually his brother that asked if Alex could now open his presents! Isn't it great having big brothers!
So we had a fluster of activity in the dining room whilst he opened his presents. He was a very lucky little boy, however the best present by his admission that he got was his new dressing gown.

Yes we are cruel parents who have absolutely no worries about giving our children practical needed gifts on their birthdays etc.

This gown stayed on him all day, and he was even dressed under it, almost like it was his smoking jacket! He looked so cute all wrapped up for the whole day.

It was on whilst he helped me decorate his cake

And it was even on after lunch when we had cake

His god mother and her partner came for lunch as they were passing through and she thought it was so cute he wanted to live in his gown all day.
The only time he took it off was when he told me we were going to the shops so he could spend the money he had received! Talk about being eager.

Shopping for gifts
Grandma sent him money to buy a soccer ball because it was too difficult to send through the post. So he wanted to buy it immediately.

We had to call into K-mart whilst in town and he found something he wanted too, so he used the remainder of his birthday money and some from his money box and brought himself a Sidley Jet (part of the characters from Cars 2)

Funny thing was that when we got home from the shops he immediately went upstairs, got his money from his money box and came and gave it to me, telling me that he would need change as this was a $20 note and that he only owed me $10!
I just about fell over. Ben would never have done that, but then neither would I have done that as a child either, I would just keep quiet and hope that mum and dad forgot that I owed them money! Maybe I have instilled so good qualities in this mad little monkey after all.
There is hope for him, looks like he might just see that 8th birthday after all....but then we do still have 364 to go! Keep watching this space


loverofwords said...

I miss having little guys and birthday celebrations. I would give puppet shows, something my mother started. And, I notice that Paris is on your bucket list. Check out my blog for a look at Paris

Alison said...

Sounds like a great birthday...with the perfect present-practical or not!
Alison xx