Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Death by Chocolate

At the hotel in Auckland they asked on the first morning if I wanted coffee with breakfast?
I don't do coffee so asked for a hot chocolate instead. They were happy to oblige and it was all part of the breakfast price...I was liking this even more.

The hot chocolate arrived and it was out of this world.
This picture shows you the white chocolate one I had the next day...

It was served on a plate with 2 squares of fresh made marshmallow and a little dish of cream!
I only found out the next day that they did 3 types, milk, dark or white chocolate.
They were all made using pure chocolate! None of this powder or syrup type of hot chocolate...oh no....nice little disks of chocolate.
I decided to treat myself to one in the afternoon and when I asked for it they asked what flavour I wanted. I enquired further and that is when she showed me the disks of chocolate that they used to make it.
No wonder it was a sweet as it was. That is why I had a white chocolate one the next day. The milk chocolate one was devine but I do love white hot chocolates, especially if made with real chocolate.

The marshmallow was devine and complemented the sweet chocolate so well as it wasn't actually sweet at all. I never tried the cream as my head would not let me think further than drinking it, as I would hate to know the calories in it, sure it didn't go well with Weight Watchers!

Also, even thought I managed a milk one at breakfast and in the afternoon of the first day and then a white one at breakfast on the 2nd day, it is a good job I didn't have anymore as at $6.50 a go I think I would have either been broke or twice the weight before the visit was over! The ones with breakfast however were part of the food cost, so lucky there.

However, if I ever need a treat again when in Auckland I definitely know where to visit!


Danielle L Zecher said...

That white chocolate looks delicious!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I'm drooling!!!